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Enid Neighborhoods by Ann Scaling Tucker

As one of Enid’s avid garage salers and having lived in Enid since the 50s, I think I can tell you something about every nook and cranny of Enid. My faithful camera and I try to keep an eye out for what is new, what has had to be demolished and things that have changed. I want to tell you, Enid has been declared a tree city and most of the town has lots of tree covered streets. Enid has become a sort of hobby, with its colorful history and exciting future plans and it keeps me pretty busy listing things for EnidBuzz.

There is the first of our Historic Districts, Waverley, which has two parks, is near the center of town and is near everything. This is a community of big old, two and three story homes, some built in the late 1900s. They are beautiful, well cared for and a jewel if you get a chance to purchase one.

There are several areas of Enid that don’t have a name, just an area number. I grew up talking of them by way of the most notable building in the neighborhood. So if you refer to the South you can use Enid High School, Integris Bass Baptist Hospital, The Champlin mansion, the base (Vance Air Force Base) which is way South. Also in the South you have Indian Hills which is a beautiful neighborhood of great homes, lots that are 90 years old and yet still kept up and a prized possession. There are lots of big old trees, 3 Parks, city golf course, Bird Sanctuary and even a butterfly garden. The area has the Indian Hills Shopping Center on the North and Sunset Plaza West and the base on the South. There are homes in this area in the $100,000 range up to a million dollars. West and South of Indian Hills is the Meadows. Then South and East of Indian Hills is Gray Ridge, a little past the town but only a few minutes to get there. This is one of those communities with the “in the country” feeling.”

Neilson, LaMesa West, Seven Pines, Oakcrest and Oakdale are on the west side of Enid. These are smaller neighborhoods with average sized homes, lots of families with children, Elementary schools, shopping centers, a splash park,

Pheasant Run Golf Community is Enid’s first and only golf community. When you are in the suburbs of other towns you often see these and if you are like me, you wonder how many golf balls go through house windows. Probably not many, if any. If you live here you can go out your back door and play golf or you can sit and watch golfers. Pheasant Run is divided into two parts. One on the East side of Garland and the other on the West side. This is an 18 hole golf course with a practice course, and you can belong to the club free for the first year. They haven’t forgotten the rest of your family as there are several ponds where your kids can fish. If you are an avid golfer this might just be your dream come true.
Chestnut Village is just south of the Pheasant Run Golf Course, so some homes actually have a view of the greens.

North of Oakwood Road is Chisholm High and Middle School and some new neighborhoods on the west side of Enid include Wilderness Cove, Bridge Creek, Chisholm Acres,
Several little neighborhoods that are west of Enid and have country living, include Green Valley, and it is just a couple of miles to Lahoma, Oklahoma plus close to west side Enid shopping that includes Wal-Mart Super Center, Atwoods and Lowes. There is an older section of 70s and 80s homes called Bobsfarm and Cedar Ridge.

Construction is most abundant North and West of Enid. Two hotels, several new neighborhoods and several businesses are new construction in this area. Garland Park and Cherokee Street are across from Atwoods and in the midst of shopping on the west. A strip mall with stores like Dollar Tree, Game Stop, a shoe store plus more is available. Lowes and a WalMart Super Store are also right here. Several new churches and a group of row houses (I’d call them apartment houses) have cropped up in this area also.

As you go Northwest you have Country Club North, Country Club West and Westminister. You will find homes built in the late 70s and 80s. These areas are across from Oakwood Country Club. There a new elementary school, a Conoco/Quick Stop nearby and are just down the road from Jumbo Foods (with Willow Plaza shopping) and Heritage Hills (with shopping center).

Our brand new and first gated community, El Paseo neighborhood, is on the Northeast corner of W. Willow and N. Oakwood, across the street North from the Oakwood Golf Course. If you want to talk big homes, this would be the first on your list.
Back down Oakwood Road you will turn west and then North into Quail Creek area. This is a lovely neighborhood with golf course views, cul-de-sacs and a small creek. In order to preserve as many trees as possible, and not require flood insurance, the areas in a floodplain were made into separate lots, to be sold with their adjacent lots, where the homes will sit.

The area just North of Quail Creek is Briar Ridge, with smaller homes and probably younger families and is very close to Glenwood Elementary, Oakwood Country Club and is fairly convenient to most west-side shopping and dining.

Tara Estates, is a little area west of North Oakwood, south of Purdue, with the entrance on Oakwood. This area is off to itself, but it still doesn’t take long to get anywhere in Enid. Chisholm Creek Village is an area on the north edge of North Enid, immediately east of the overpass. This is a fairly new neighborhood with most of the homes in the Village are Geo-Thermal Energy Star homes, which saves quite a bit on utility bills. This is a neighborhood with in ground swimming pool, playground and club house – so there is also a Homeowner’s Association with dues of approx. $17.50 per month, which also pays to have the green areas taken care of. Families with children are close to Chisholm Elementary and handy to the Chisholm Trail Expo Center, Garfield County Fairgrounds, the Enid Speedway Races and Comet Go-Carts.

Yucca is a small neighborhood with older homes just east of North VanBuren, west of Washington and north of Oxford. The Yucca neighborhood and surrounding area is very handy to the Garfield County Fairgrounds, Chisholm Trail Expo Center, United Supermarket North, Evans Drug and other businesses along Willow and North VanBuren.

There is a neighborhood called The Village. This area is west of Cleveland, north of Chestnut. This is a nice neighborhood of medium size homes, streets with English names and lots of trees. The Village is fairly convenient to the Willow Plaza and Heritage Hills Shopping Center area, as well as any west-side shopping center or restaurant. Along north Cleveland just behind Willow West is Waterford Court. This is mainly town homes with some rentals probably a little more expensive than most apartments in Enid.

Willow Creek is a neighborhood surrounded by other nice neighborhoods, is very close to the Oakwood Country Club and convenient to shopping at Willow Plaza and Heritage Hills Shopping Center. This area is north of Willow between Cleveland and Oakwood, just west of the entrance to the Willow West neighborhood.

A favorite neighborhood is what is referred to as Willow Lake with lots of home on the lake. This area is south of Purdue between Cleveland and Oakwood. The Willow West neighborhood is to the south and east of Willow Lake. The neighborhood consists of homes surrounding 3 small man-made lakes. Many of the homes back up to one of the lakes – most with small yards and some with docks and fishing or paddle boats. There are beautiful homes with a beautiful view of the lake out the back. There are fountains in the lakes, many trees, including beautiful weeping willows.
This neighborhood has a reputation for beautiful light decorations on many of the homes at Christmas. Willow Run and Willow West are also sections of this neighborhood and Willow Springs, a community in the country with paved road, a short drive to Enid downtown and homes that range in the $60,000.

Next to Willow Lake is a small neighborhood called Woodlands. This is in the middle of a truly wooded area. It is one big circle with all types of homes tucked into areas between trees. Not far from here is Heritage Hills neighborhood, located north of Willow, east of Cleveland and south of Oxford. The winding roads include many cul-de-sacs and almost every home backs up to a greenbelt with walking trails, swings, basketball goals, etc. This is a great neighborhood for kids to play, ride bikes and be out of traffic. Heritage Hills Shopping Center is on Willow, along the south edge of the neighborhood. Across the street from that is Willow Plaza, which includes a grocery store, sub shop, coffee shop and more. These homes were built in the early 70s and 80s, and are not exceptionally large homes. They have a Homeowner’s Association.

Nicholas Oaks is a really nice, fairly new neighborhood located south of Willow, between Cleveland and Oakwood, east of the railroad tracks, but west of Hunters Hill neighborhood. (Nicholas Oaks neighborhood is close to Willow Plaza (with Jumbo Foods), Heritage Hills Shopping Center and the Oakwood Golf Course. This is a fairly new neighborhood of larger homes on sloping lawns and curving roads.

Hunters Hill area is south of Willow, west of Cleveland and goes along the train tracks, east of Nicholas Oaks. Hunters Hill is in walking distance from Willow Plaza (with Jumbo Foods) and also very close to the Heritage Hills Shopping Center.
Quailwoods is a beautiful winding neighborhood with large trees and nice houses. It is south of Willow, then goes along the west side of the railroad track to Cleveland, over to Rolling Oaks and east of Oakwood. Quailwoods is pretty central in the northwest area of town. It is very convenient to Willow Plaza (with Jumbo Foods) and Heritage Hills Shopping Center. Of course it is also close to the Oakwood Country Club.

Rolling Oaks area is west of Cleveland (between Chestnut and Willow) on a few winding roads, and beautiful yards and lovely homes. It is very close to Willow Plaza (with Jumbo Foods) and Heritage Hills Shopping Center and is a very central neighborhood with spacious lots.

The Oaks is north of Chestnut, somewhere between Cleveland and Oakwood, northwest of the Village, south of Rolling Oaks and east of the Bland area. The Oaks including Cansler Dr., is a beautiful neighborhood with lots of trees and several cul-de-sacs. It is surrounded by other nice neighborhoods, is convenient to west-side shopping and dining and is quite handy to Glenwood Elementary. There are several more small neighborhoods like Oakwood Hill, Oakwood North, South Oakwood and Evansdale and more. There are more than I mentioned but if you asked for one of them by official name, probably no one would know where it was anyway.

You are headed 5 miles North of Enid on Hwy 81, to Quail Meadows North, but before you get there you pass Spring Valley Ski Ranch. You do a double take at the huge gated community. You find this is an area dedicated to the sport of water skiing. Then you come to Quail Meadows North where most of the homes have an acre or two of land.

The East side of Enid was the first part to be settled in 1893. This known as the Southern Heights Community. This area is home to the Leona Mitchell Southern Heights Heritage Center & Museum which serves as a repository, exhibition and educational center dedicated to collecting, maintaining, preserving and displaying African American History Memorabilia. The East side is home to a community golf course, Northern Oklahoma College Enid Campus, Northwestern Oklahoma State University Enid Campus, Briggs Auditorium, Government Springs Park, Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center and St Mary’s Regional Medical Center. Almost everything on the East side of town is within about 10 minutes of Downtown Enid. Another addition just off 30th is Brookside. Pioneer Estates neighborhood is south of Fox Drive and west of 30th and is close to the Southeast part of town. Enid is full of great Realtors. Contact one, tell them what you are looking for and they will undoubtedly come up with several that match your list.

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