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Enids Claim to Fame

Garfield Furniture Bldg

Did John Wilkes Booth die in Enid?? 
After assassinating President Abraham Lincoln, Booth was smuggled by the Confederate underground to Texas, where he began living under the name John St. Helen. In the 1870s he worked as a bartender in a saloon in Granbury, Texas, and began telling people about his past. When the Knights of the Golden Circle found out, the decision was made to silence him. Booth fled Granbury. Jesse James, along with William “Wild Bill” Lincoln (a distant cousin of President Lincoln), tracked Booth to Enid, Oklahoma, where he had assumed the name David George. In a sworn statement, “Wild Bill” Lincoln wrote: “Our branch of the Lincoln family was never satisfied with what really happened to Booth, and I spent fourteen years of my life running down the true story. Strangely enough, I learned it from Jesse W. James, head of the Confederate underground. I was present at Booth’s real death.” According to Lincoln, he and James crept into Booth’s room (in a small hotel room above the current Garfield Furniture store in Enid) and tricked him into drinking a glass of arsenic-laced lemonade. The massive amount of arsenic consumed by Booth caused his body to mummify.

Criminal Minds
 – Enid, Ok was the Location of Criminal Minds
Yes, the location of the crime on Criminal Minds was our very own Enid, Oklahoma. No, the killer was not a real resident of our very safe town. LOL. Although the crime was set in Enid, the episode was not actually filmed in Enid. (as far as we know)
Enid, Oklahoma has been mentioned in so many other things other than New York Times crossword puzzles.

Jurassic Park III – Quotes from Jurassic Park III: 
The last lines in the movie: 
Erik: Where do you think they’re going? 
Dr. Grant: I don’t know. Maybe just looking for new nesting grounds. It’s a whole new world for them.
Amanda: I dare ’em to nest in Enid, Oklahoma. According to a prop from the film, the Kirby’s live at “333 Seneca Ave” in Enid, Oklahoma. Both Seneca Ave and Westgate Rd (the location of Kirby Paint & Tile Plus) are real roads in Enid. (From: Sean Archer) 

Where in Oklahoma is the Westgate Shopping Center located? Enid. Listen closely when everybody went back to the plane to get their stuff.  Jurassic Park Encyclopedia The Original Jurassic Park Wiki

The Monkees

Hogans Heros

The Rifleman. “In the eipisode \”The Guest\” (season five) they named the hometown of Lucas McCain as Enid, Oklahoma. ” And another mention was: The old Dunlop place was burned and replaced with the house we came to know & love. If you remember, the rebuilt house was the same house Lucas had back in Enid, Oklahoma. As Luke said to Mark….”same house, same barn and except for the cross that bears your Mother’s grave at the create of that hill, same hills”.

Blacke’s Magic

The Muppets

The Big Bang Theory (Season 3, Episode 13), character Sheldon Cooper contemplates moving to Enid because of its “low crime rate” and “high speed internet” service, but decides against it because the city lacks a model railroad store.
Crazy Heart – The 82nd annual Academy Awards (Mar 2010)
Maggie Gyllenhaal was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Crazy Heart,” a film in which she plays a shy young journalist who falls in love with a broken-down country singer, played by Best Actor Jeff Bridges. Gyllenhaal’s character, Jean Craddock, works for a New Mexico newspaper but originally hails from, yes, you guessed it, Enid
Tom Mix – ENID, Oklahoma mentioned or described in “Tom Mix Frontier Bartender” by Sam Henderson as written up in an old western magazine covering the life of Tom Mix.
The movie Dillinger was filmed in Enid in 1973. Lots of antique cars from Enid residents were used in the movie (a lot more were not as people didn’t want machine gun bullet holes in their cars!) Many Enid residents landed bit parts in the movie.
 Cast included:
Warren Oates …. John Dillinger
Ben Johnson …. Melvin Purvis
Michelle Phillips …. Billie Frechette
Cloris Leachman …. Anna Sage
Harry Dean Stanton …. Homer Van Mete
Twister – The movie Twister references the city just before the chasers leave Aunt Meg’s House to chase the “Hailstorm Hill” Tornado. The storm warning being broadcast over the television says that the latest warning has been issued “for Garfield County, including the city of Enid.”
Hank Williams, Jr. talks about how he met a woman in Enid, in a song called “Greeted in Enid” from the 1995 album Hog Wild. 

Stars of a Discovery Channel television show were in Enid, August 2009, searching for the ghost of John Wilkes Booth. Brad and Barry Klinge, stars of “Ghost Lab,” along with their investigative team, Everyday Paranormal, came to Garfield Furniture to search for the presidential assassin, according to Alan Lagarde, one of the executive producers of “Ghost Lab.” “We are conducting a paranormal investigation,” Lagarde said. “This episode is related to the possible ghost of John Wilkes Booth.”
CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY Inc. Clyde V. Cessna who was originally a motor mechanic, built his first aircraft at Enid, Oklahoma in the Spring of 1911, testing many of his early planes on the salt flats. In 1917 when bankers in Enid refused to loan him more money to build his planes, he moved to Wichita, Kansas.
Geronimo Motor Company: Founded by William C. Allen and incorporated in 1917. It made tractors, a roadster, and a five-passenger, full-size automobile. The company manufactured one thousand cars that were distributed by agencies in Kansas, Nebraska, West Texas, and Oklahoma. Geronimo ended production in 1920, when its thirty-thousand-square-foot factory burned.
In the novel “Left Behind” (book one of the original 12-book set), primary character Chloe Steele Williams returns home from California by a flight that lands in Enid to make connections, Enid being the only operable airport in the area during the 48 hours after the “vanishings.”

Enid is also mentioned in passing in a few popular novels and films. In Chapter 12 of The Grapes of Wrath, Enid is one of the towns that feeds into Route 66 from the north via Route 64.
from: Stephen King’s online book:  “11/22/63”
“When I finished enjoying this wonderful test, I filled out the answers (with the occasional cry of “You’ve got to be shitting me!”) and sent it back to Enid, Oklahoma. I got a postcard by return mail congratulating me on passing my exam. After I had paid an additional fifty-dollar “administration fee,” I was informed, I would be sent my degree. So I was told, and lo, so it came to pass. The degree was a good deal better looking than the test had been, and came with an impressive gold seal. When I presented it to a representative of the Sarasota County School board, that worthy accepted it without question and put me on the substitute list.”
Did you know that a stolen 1969 Joe Namath Super Bowl ring turned up in 1978 in an Enid Pawn Shop? Pawn shop owner Delbert Cearley contacted Namath to give it back. Now you know!

In 1999, astronomer Tom Stafford of Oklahoma, named an asteroid after Enid

Oklahoma has a purple martin capital and it’s Enid
In 1991 Beth Lilley and Jack Norman, co-workers at the News & Eagle, decided that Enid should be designated as the purple martin capitol of Oklahoma since numerous residents have lots of martin houses. With the help of Sen. Ed Long, Enid, the State Legislature granted Enid the distinction.

We’ll list more as we find them and try to expand on the exact mentions.

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