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Enid Truck Route

This is the current Enid Truck Route as of 03/28/2013.

ENID, OK (March 27, 2013) –
Enid Police to Address Truck Route Violators. Due to an increase of truck traffic on non- designated truck routes, the Enid Police Department will step up efforts immediately to address violators.

According to Enid Chief of Police Brian O’Rourke, “We have to protect our infrastructure. Damage to our infrastructure due to increase truck traffic is not acceptable. We have a policy of no- tolerance when it comes to truck route violators.

Enid Police officials have noticed an increase of truck traffic due to increase work activity in the area. Chief O’Rourke added, “We work closely with the OHP and may call upon the size and weights division to assist in our efforts.”


A. No person shall drive a truck on any street, road or highway that is not designated as part of a truck route.

B. Exceptions to prohibition:

1. When the destination of the truck requires traveling on streets not part of the truck route for a delivery to or from a customer or to provide a service at a residence or business. In such an event the route must be limited to the minimum necessary to accomplish the delivery or service call;

2. Buses;

3. Transit vehicles;

4. Firetrucks, military or other emergency vehicles;

5. Road construction and maintenance equipment, while vehicle is being used for this purpose;

6. Utility service vehicles;

7. Farm tractors, implements, combines, flatbeds, farm trucks no greater than thirty feet (30′) in length; and

8. Sport utility vehicles or light or full size pickups.

C. Truck routes are designated as the Oklahoma state highways; Southgate, east from U.S. Highway 81; Breckinridge Road, from 78th Street to 16th Street; Purdue, from U.S. Highway 81 to State Route 64; 30th Street, from U.S. Highway 412 to Southgate; and Willow Road, from U.S. Highway 81 to State Route 64 bypass.

D. A violation of this section shall be a class D offense unless the person charged has been previously convicted under this section within the last three (3) years, then a violation of this section shall be a class C offense. (Ord. 2007-36, 12-18-2007)

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Enid Truck Route