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Enid Buzz Project

Quick synopsis:

The Enid Buzz Project is an ambitious attempt to find, collect, digitize and publish online all known photographs of Enid, Oklahoma. But not only publish all of these great vintage photos in one place but also upload postcards and all of the stories and history that go along with each picture.

Most everyone from Enid remembers the Wagon Wheel, Woolco, the Bullet at Meadowlake, giant Tri-State parades and really crazy Crazy Days. But finding photos, stories and information about these things, places and events is almost impossible. And there is no, one place, to find it all.

The Enid Buzz Project will try to bring all of those great Enid memories online for easy access for us and generations to come.

Here is an example of what we are trying to do: The Wagon Wheel Page – we are trying to add at least one photo, some history, a story and at the bottom a gallery of additional photos. We’ll try to cover every popular subject that we can in this way.

We currently have hundreds of real photos along with hundreds of more digital photos of Enid and its colorful history. We are attempting to upload these along with stories and descriptions to document Enid, Oklahoma. The creation of this project is to try and find ways of getting it done faster and more efficiently. Donations of money and time will help us find more photographs, track down more stories and upload more pictures.

We’re just getting started so check back soon for more details on the Enid Buzz Project.